Kaneku Corporation was born in 1924, when Mr. Saichi Iwata and his wife Mrs. Shizu Iwata decided to start producing wasabi on a commercial scale. From that time Kaneku has been selling premium wasabi products.

After the time of 90 years, we are still focused on delighting consumers with great tasting wasabi products that meet their evolving preferences, needs and desires. Kaneku continually strives to produce the highest quality fresh wasabi products for our valued customers. Kaneku Corporation actively supports the local community, and as the company grows its global support will grow too.

Kaneku also assists and has an interest in the agricultural industry. We also understand that our employees are the key to our success and therefore we treat them with respect they deserve. We maintain a safe and happy work environment with excellent health benefits. Our company promises to deliver products of the highest standard quality and taste. Kaneku’s goods are complimented by premium packaging and distributed by a company whose main aim is to provide you with the very best wasabi nature can supply.

Quite simply stated by our company’s slogan “MAGOKORO(producing with sincerity)”.

Kaneku Corporation

Management philosophy

We contribute to the community and society through safe, secure and valuable manufacturing, and pursue both physical and mental well-being of our employees.

Code of conduct

We always provide safe and secure products. The quality that we aim at is to provide valuable products that enrich the food. We value the feedbacks and needs of our customers and make proposals that enrich the variations of customer’s food.


Trade Name Kaneku co.,LTD.
Head Office 3-866 Hinatawada Ome City Tokyo. 198-0046
President Masayuki Iwata
Foundation 1924.4
Organization 1953.1
Capital 75 million yen
Employee Number 205 persons
Business Outline produce WASABI related products and sell it
Associated Company KANEKU Oita co.,LTD.
KANEKU Shimane Factory co.,LTD.
Certification FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System


Apr,1924 Mr. Saichi Iwata and his wife Mrs. Shizu Iwata started cultivating wasabi in Okutama vally on a commercial scale.
Apr,1931 A flagship store was opened for producing “wasabi pickle” on a mass scale.
Apr,1939 Iwata store became the command centre for Mr. Iwata’s exciting new business venture ‘Iwata Shouten Corporation’. A new line of quality wasabi powder has been launched.
Apr,1946 Tokyo branch was established. Kaneku expanded sales with an aggressive marketing plan labeled‘ The kitchens of the capital ’.
Jan,1953 Mr. Iwata’s booming business, Iwata Shouten Corporation, moved into a new, larger factory at current address ‘3-866 Hinatawada Oume city’.
May,1961 A drying factory was founded in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture.
Feb,1962 Kaneku continues to expand, bringing with it the expertise of it’s fresh production, with the opening of Nagoya branch.
Oct,1962 Kaneku’s premium flavors are brought to Kyushu, with the birth of Fukuoka branch.
Nov,1962 The Japanese Cooking Federation recommends Kaneku wasabi as a preferred product.
Dec,1962 With steady sales and a growing customer base Sapporo branch was set-up.
Jan,1964 Iwasa Shouten Corporation re-branded to become Kaneku Corporation.
Sep,1965 Tokyo factory receives an award for excellence in food hygiene standards.
Oct,1968 With growing demand, for Kaneku’s fresh and quality products, a new factory in Tokoro-cho, Hokkaido is brought online.
Nov,1968 Looking to expand it’s national presence Osaka branch was opened.
Oct,1972 With a view to be more available to it’s valued customers Kaneku opened Sendai branch.
Nov,1974 An exciting new era, in company’s history, was brought into being when the current factory was opened for business.
Mar,1975 Ume product was recomended by Tokyo Tourism Federation.
Sep,1977 Tadashi Iwata, the eldest son of founder, took office as the second president.
Jan,1984 Midori Iwata, the eldest daughter of founder, took office as the third president.
Dec,1986 Started business operation at the new head office in Tokyo.
Nov,1989 Recognition was given for excellent reporting corporation in Tokyo.
Dec,1992 To cope with ever increasing customer base and influx of new orders a new factory is launched in Shimane.
Jan,1994 A partnership between Eishou Co.,Ltd, Yuasa corporation in Liaoning, China, and Kaneku was formed. Started to produce wasabi paste for Chinese retail market.
Sep,2005 Received a prestigious award for ‘Kizami nama yuzu’.
Sep,2008 Received a prestigious award for ‘Wasa buono’.
Nov,2009 Midori Iwata ,president, received a Yellow Ribbon prize.
Jan,2013 Masayuki Iwata took office as the fourth president.
Sep,2013 Received a prestigious award for ‘Shaki shaki wasabi’.
Sep,2016 Received a prestigious award for ‘Shaki shaki shouga’.
Sep,2016 Started FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management.
Dec,2016 Opened new factory in Oita (Kaneku Oita Co.,Ltd.)

Head Office / Factory
3-866 Hinatawada Ome City Tokyo Japan 198-0046
TEL 0428-22-2141(pilot number) FAX 0428-24-4166
Osaka Branch Store
1-12-19 Minamihorie Nishi-ku Osaka City Osaka Japan 550-0015
TEL 06-6531-4332 FAX 06-6543-4300
Nagoya Branch Store
Takamatsu bldg 2F 37-1 HigashiOozone Higashi-ku Nagoya City Japan 450-0002
TEL 052-325-8282 FAX 052-325-8281
Fukuoka Branch Store
2-7-10 Hanmichibashi Hakata-ku Fukuoka City Japan 812-0897
TEL 092-436-3577 FAX 092-433-5585
Sapporo Branch Store
3-5-39 Hassamu-jyuuichijyou Nishi-ku Sapporo City Hokkaido Japan
TEL 011-661-3461 FAX 011-663-6141
Sendai Branch Store
3-18-1 Tomizawa Taihaku-ku Sendai City Miyagi Japan 982-0032
TEL 022-743-4215 FAX 022-743-4217