“MAGOKORO”Do It from the Heart


President, Kaneku Corportion Masayuki Iwata

The Kaneku Corporation was born in 1927, when Mr Saichi Iwata and his wife Mrs Shizu Iwata decided to start producing WASABI on a commercial scale. From that time Kaneku has been selling premium WASABI products.
After almost 80 years, we are still focused on delighting consumers with great tasting WASABI products that meet their evolving preferences, needs and desires. Kaneku continually strives to produce the highest quality fresh WASABI products for our valued customers.
Kaneku Corporation actively supports the local community, and as the company grows its global support will grow too. Kaneku also assists and has an interest in the agricultural industry.
We also understand that our employees are the key to our success and therefore we treat them with respect they deserve. We maintain a safe and happy work environment with excellent health benefits.
Our company promises to deliver products of the highest standard quality and taste. Kaneku’s goods are complimented by premium packaging and distributed by a company whose main aim is to provide you with the very best WASABI nature can supply.
Quite simply stated by our company’s slogan “MAGOKORO” do it from the heart.

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